"We are here but for a short time. Roll up your sleeves and GIVE."

Beaver Shriver, Founder

Our mission is to provide successful jobs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to spread our goal of inclusion for all.

An Inclusion Revolution

Most people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are unemployed. Inclusion Revolution, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, supports our efforts to provide secure, successful jobs to help our employees form meaningful friendships with their peers; live independently; improve their public speaking, develop self-advocacy and communication skills; and feel valued and included by society. We celebrate and honor their special abilities!

Dignity and Respect

For too long, individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have been kept in the shadows. Inclusion Revolution supports Rise Up Cafe to offer integrated employment, front and center in our communities. These shops are about inclusion, acceptance and opportunity for all. Visit our amazing Rise Up Cafe team members in one of our inspiring shops, and please help change the life of another by donating today.

Who We Serve

The community that we serve includes, but is not limited to individuals with Down syndrome, autism, Fragile X, Williams syndrome, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and other undiagnosed disabilities..

Our Values


We provide a loving, caring work environment for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We advocate for them and their families.


We are committed to organizational and financial accountability, transparency, respect for all, and ethical practices. 


We will be the best at our work and provide the highest quality job skills training and job opportunities for our team members, and we'll constantly strive to improve.


We go above and beyond the norm, and we will be creative in providing services and solving problems.


We strive to collaborate and partner in all that we do. We include as many local organizations as possible to spread our message and share the joy of our success. We are a team where every person is needed to provide the quality services for which we are known. We work together and communicate effectively.


We provide a positive and friendly environment for our staff and our customers.

Inclusion. Jobs. Dignity.

Won't you join us to change a life?